Unasked questions

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It took a life-altering crisis to make me realize that despite having known my mom for 50+ years, I didn’t know who she was as a person in her own right. I had firsthand knowledge of many of her trials … Read More

Books! Books! Books!

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I decided to put “Lucky at Love” on Free Promo thru February 15th to give readers a chance to look at love from Jake Sorenson’s unique perspective. The character of Jake was inspired by … Read More

Talk to me…

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Since before humans had the ability to speak, we had the compelling need to share our thoughts. Pictographs dating back thousands of years have been studied for the information those ancient civilizations wanted to pass on to others. Once we … Read More

Weirder Than Fiction

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If I were to write a comical accounting of my mother’s many nuptials, I might call it “I do! I did! And I’ll do it again!” Having only one marriage and zero divorces to my credit, combing through my mom’s … Read More


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If you’re like me, memories are a bit of a puzzle. Why, for instance, do I remember completely inconsequential bits of trivia, yet sometimes have trouble remembering things of vital importance? Or why have some memories from my childhood survived … Read More

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