The Gift

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While I was working on “Finding Ruth”, a fear lurked in the back of my mind that my mom would never get a chance to see it. Or if she did hang in there long enough, the Alzheimer’s might be … Read More

Finding Mom

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If you’ve known a person your entire life, you may believe you really know them. But with parents it can be different; what we as children see is often the side of them we’re meant to see—the side carefully constructed … Read More

Writing, Interrupted

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2015… Where to begin? I could say the year just flew by, but unlike productive years in the past, this year—when considered from head to tail—seems entirely too long for the twelve months it encompassed. It will stick out in … Read More

Taking Advantage of Inspiration

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As a writer, I have learned that inspiration, the thing that spurs creativity, is not something you can lay your hands on at will. Rather, inspiration sneaks up on you like a pickpocket. But instead of pinching your wallet, it … Read More

A Second Chance…

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How important is a book cover? This question can be debated to some extent, but the truth is the cover is critical to a book’s success. The reason for bringing up this subject has to do with finally taking the … Read More

The “Independent” Spirit

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I would hazard a guess that nearly all writers who are pleased with their work hanker for it to be published. This is only natural, as writing and publishing are the two halves of book production, which in turn puts … Read More

The E-Reader’s Best Friend

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As I’ve battled my way through the challenges of being an independent writer, I’ve had some wonderful experiences that have made the effort so worthwhile. Connecting with readers is at the top of the list; nothing I’ve come across is … Read More

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