Roxanne Platt knows she’s far from perfect. But she also knows there’s got to be more to life than scanning groceries. As she scours the classifieds, she is struck by the distinct lack of opportunities, contrasted by the almost endless real estate ads. Recalling an agent in her checkout line—short on sense and long on enthusiasm—Roxanne wonders why she couldn’t enjoy the same success as Lois Bronsen—top 2% in the county.

After first dismissing the notion as absurd, Roxanne boldly takes the plunge into the character-ridden world of real estate. What she discovers as she wades into shark-infested waters is a talent for negotiating and problem-solving, and an inner strength she didn’t know she possessed—not to mention a pool of eligible bachelors.

Golden State is a fun romp filled with imperious bosses, screwy coworkers, steadfast friends, assorted male admirers, and a family full of over-educated, underachieving kooks. Roxanne deals with them all in her indomitable fashion, never giving up or compromising who she is or who she wants to become.