A High Price to Pay

“In this intricately plotted story, Madeline, like the series itself, is just getting established… In an exhilarating climactic cascade of events, Madeline and Mike close in on their own case, uncovering a complicated family history and some deep, dark secrets… The final moments of the story are filled with non-stop action and one final surprising twist.

“A High Price to Pay” is a wonderfully crafted story filled with a host of complex, fully realized characters… Let’s hope we hear more from Private Investigator Madeline Dawkins..”

~ Santa Barbara News-Press

Alligators in the Trees

“Hamilton’s novel is a fun romp for readers drawn to character-driven fiction that offers lessons about life and love.”

~ Kirkus Reviews (from their “Recommended List”)

Lucky at Love

“Hamilton will have readers swooning from the beginning with sensitive, assured character and plot development…. A Sweet, seductive love story.”

~ Kirkus Reviews

“This is an entertaining story… In the process the reader learns something about the resiliency of the heart…”

~ Bookviews.com

“Descriptive phrasing and eloquent prose… Simply breathtaking… Great read…”

~ Love Romances and More

“Exceptional storytelling… A powerful concoction of believable and memorable characters, viable dialogues and crisp and clear description, the combinations are unbeatable…”

~ Warrior of Words