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A Second Chance…

How important is a book cover? This question can be debated to some extent, but the truth is the cover is critical to a book’s success. The reason for bringing up this subject has to do with finally taking the time to address an overlooked problem with one of my own books, one that had two bad bumps on the way to the delivery room. The book in question is “Alligators in the Trees” and the “bumps” consisted of a mishap in the formatting of the book, which resulted in only half the book being downloaded by a large number of readers, and a cover that was rushed into production during a Kindle publishing frenzy on my part.

First impressions are very important; only in rare instances can those awkward moments of introduction be brushed aside after opinions have been formed.

The irony is “Alligators” was one of those books that was very easy to write. After molding the characters to the purpose they needed to serve, they did all the work. Well, most of the work… What I inadvertently walked myself into was having to write song lyrics from two very different, very distinctive points of view.

Fortunately, I had the sense to let the characters take the reins and pen their own songs. By stepping out of their creative process, I was able to let imagination and instinct bring about a story of three totally different individuals whose paths cross and entwine, bringing together personalities that would normally only intersect in passing. The result is a story of unreciprocated attraction, reappraisal, and the meeting of minds and hearts over the urban beehive of the Manhattan landscape.

After two-plus years of wearing the wrong face to the party, “Alligators” has been officially rechristened. The cover that finally emerged shows Priscilla sitting on a bench in Central Park, cup of coffee in hand, eyes trained on the treetops overhead as if she were actually looking at a stray gator, her legs poised to bolt any second. The title of the book, taken from a line in one of Priscilla’s songs, alludes to the fears that reside in all three protagonists—that forces beyond their control will keep them from realizing their true desires.

To celebrate the transformation, “Alligators in the Trees” in its new incarnation is available for free downloading September 27th through the 29th. If you haven’t already, please check it out on the link below:…

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