Breach of Trust

Ignorance is bliss, until the ugly truth surfaces…

When PI Madeline Dawkins is summoned to Monte Verde―the serene assisted living complex where her father resides―she’s concerned Mack’s ideal setup is about to come to an end. Instead, the facility director enlists MDPI’s help in resolving a very troubling situation.

Someone is sending poison pen letters to the residents of Monte Verde, hinting at dark secrets from their pasts—secrets that could destroy many lives if they were exposed.

As Madeline learns more details about this insidious blackmail scheme, she discovers dangerous resentments building beneath the tranquil surface of Monte Verde. It turns out nearly everyone there has something to hide, and those secrets could have devastating consequences if they are revealed.

Back at the office, the attorney next door has a client going through a very ugly divorce. The estranged husband has launched a particularly nasty intimidation offensive designed to wear his wife down. The tactics he’s using to force her to relinquish her share of their community property assets stop just shy of criminal. It’s time to fight back, and from Madeline’s own experience, she knows exactly what that entails…

A page-turner that will keep you guessing until the end, Breach of Trust is the thrilling eighth installment in the Madeline Dawkins series.

Praise for Cynthia Hamilton and the Madeline Dawkins series:

"First class mystery!" —Carlyle Clark, author of Children From Dark Houses

"... keeps your blood pumping with each page." —Kimberly Charleston, Books Uplift

"...filled with the secrets, surprises, and suspense that readers have come to expect, and new fans are sure to enjoy." —Susan Hunter, author of Dangerous Habits