Breach of Trust

Three new cases come to the MDPI team on the same morning…

When PI Madeline Dawkins is summoned to Monte Verde―the serene assisted living complex where her father resides―she’s concerned Mack’s ideal setup is about to come to an end. Instead, the facility director enlists MDPI’s help in resolving a very troubling situation.

Someone is sending poison pen letters to the residents at Monte Verde, hinting at dark secrets from their pasts—accusations that have already driven one elderly woman to take her own life.

Back at the office, Jack Waverly, the attorney next door, has a client going through a very nasty divorce. Janelle Marsby’s estranged husband has launched a particularly ugly intimidation offensive designed to wear her down. The tactics Roy’s using to coerce Janelle into giving up her share of their community property assets are ruthless and criminal. Their mission is to keep Janelle safe while they dig up all of Roy’s shady dealings.

Glen Langford enlists Mike’s help in finding his 18 year old daughter who ran off with a cult five months earlier. His own searches led him through five states before his last tip led him to Santa Barbara. His biggest break came from a rancher who took Alison in after he ran the cult off his land, only to learn that she had been physically, sexually and psychologically abused by the leader of the cult.

It’s all hands on deck as the MDPI team tackle all three urgent cases, racing against time.

A page-turner that will keep you guessing until the end! Three new cases come to the MDPI team on the same morning: , a missing 18 year old, and a suicide linked to poison pen letters
A page-turner that will keep you guessing until the end, Breach of Trust is the thrilling eighth book in the Madeline Dawkins series.
Couldn't put it down!
Breach of Trust Front Cover


“Breach of Trust is another wonderful novel in the Madeline Dawkins Mystery series. This is the eighth book in the series, but reads well as a stand-alone. Maddie and Mike are back again with their team working on three different cases. Each case is challenging, and one hits close to home for Maddie. This novel is full of suspense, action, well-written characters, and I couldn’t put it down! I highly recommend this book!”


“I couldn’t WAIT till my workday was over to sit down and read this book. This is the first book that I read from Cynthia Hamilton and I am hooked. This booked kept me on the edge the whole time wondering what was going to happen. The characters were amazing! Having three stories in one was awesome, I was also surprised that it was SO easy to keep up with. Sometimes storylines like that can get confusing but this was laid out perfectly. I would recommend this book to anyone!”


“I have read every book that Cynthia Hamilton has written, so that might give you a clue as to whether this review is going to be positive or not…

“‘Breach of Trust’ is the eighth instalment of Hamilton’s Madeline Dawkins Mystery Series – which shows no sign of running out of steam. In this novel, Madeline and Mike have three tricky cases to go at: a missing person, an abusive husband and a poison pen-writer. The author manages to keep all three balls in the air, and the tales move along at a brisk pace.

As usual, the author’s prose is both frothy and unfussy. Plus, she is well-practiced at building the tension when needed. It’s hard to stop reading. Just ONE more chapter, maybe? “What felt like a good move at the time was now starting to look like a risky gambit… “‘I poked the bear,” she admitted as she headed back to her office.” And… “‘If trouble doesn’t come to me, I still manage to find it,’ [Madeline] pointed out.”

“I am invested in these characters, and already tapping my fingers for the next book…”