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Making New Friends Through Reading and Writing

In this age of instant global communication, there is an enhanced ease to connecting with strangers over shared interests, as everyone on Goodreads knows. As an author, I’ve had the good fortune of connecting with some of my readers through the internet. There’s nothing nicer than to get an email from my website from someone who has enjoyed one of my books. In a few special cases, strong friendships have bloomed from these heartwarming correspondences.

The first friendship spawned on this way was with my #1 editor, Gail, after she read “Lucky at Love.” We have since worked together on all six of my published books. I consider her a dear friend and wouldn’t want to go through the publishing process without her.

I met “Mandie” through a wonderful email she wrote to me after reading “Once Upon a Lyme…” Unfortunately, most of the emails I receive regarding this book are from people suffering from the hideous disease. Like the others, Mandie thanked me for writing the book, which is always so bittersweet. Mandie calls me her PIL – her partner in Lyme. Now we are each other’s PIL and check in with each other regularly. She’s strong, funny and determined to kill the demon. Go, Mandie, go!

“Lucky” was responsible for another introduction, this time from a fellow author, John M. McNamara. He wrote me the most beautiful email, and in the subsequent back and forth, I put together that he was not only a fan, but a writer himself. By his emails, I could tell he knew how to express himself very eloquently. I started my reading odyssey with his book “Hunter’s War.” I’ve read five and number six is up next. And his seventh is almost finished! His writing is as smooth as silk and his observations of his fellow human beings is profound. He is also a wonderful friend!

I’ve been lucky to forge friendships with readers and writers the old-fashioned way – through meeting face to face. I have no preference for one way over the other; I’m just loving that a solitary pursuit preformed in a vacuum can ultimately lead to new acquaintances and mutually beneficial bonds. If any of you out in cyberspace are ever so inclined, drop me a line! Who knows where it might lead?

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