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Reading and Writing: Inspiration and Freebies

Inspiration for creating works of fiction can come from anywhere—from a mere whiff of an idea to past experiences and current events. Most of my books have grown out of the smallest musings, but two were ignited by my own personal experiences.

Once Upon a Lyme… A Tale of Two Journeys is the account of how I became a writer while being plagued by a chronically misdiagnosed disease. The other book is a work of fiction which was inspired after meeting a man at a wedding who had been married and divorced seven times, who freely admitted some people shouldn’t get married (to which he raised his hand), yet told my husband he was next in line if my husband ever got tired of me. I left that wedding knowing I would have to find out what made this guy such a love junkie. Lucky at Love: Some guys just never give up… is my take on a hopeless romantic.

Though I had never considered writing a series—or a mystery, for that matter—Madeline Dawkins came to me during a time when I was doing research for a sequel to Alligators in the Trees. I had been spending time on various websites learning about the Florida Keys and private investigators. But Madeline popped into my head one morning and grew and into such a presence in my mind, after three months I decided to put the sequel aside and go with her.

Because I had been researching private detectives, Madeline grew out of amorphous snippets into—dare I say it?—The Slutty Detective. Well, that was the working title until I came to my senses and realized how truly horrible that sounded, which didn’t take long. But you see, she wasn’t really slutty; that was the bad rep she’d gotten after her soon-to-be-ex systematically destroyed her life. The detective part stood and Spouse Trap takes us through her metamorphosis from happy, pampered society maven to becoming her own private investigator, which meant that I had to take a private investigator course so I would know what the heck I was talking about.

So you see, a rich fantasy life and an overactive imagination can be put to good use, especially when it comes to writing. And for anyone interested in finding out what makes a romance addict tick, you can download Lucky at Love for FREE today and tomorrow (May 3rd-4th) from the link below.…

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