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Cynthia Hamilton

Reading, Writing, and Walking

Although I have witnessed a few people reading while walking, it’s not the easiest thing to do, or the safest. But fortunately for me, it is possible to walk and write at the same time. In fact, almost all of my writing takes place in my head while I’m taking my walks. Driving, working out, cleaning – tasks like those that can be done on rote – those also provide me with good thinking time and allow me to further the storyline and solve quandaries.

But there’s nothing as stimulating to my grey cells as walking. Be it in the hills or on the beach, that is when the real writing is done. I will admit that I often get distracted from the scenery, and have been known to pass by friends without even noticing. Still, walking is as essential to my writing as my laptop.

I often meet people who – when they find out that I’m a writer – confess to having a strong desire to write a book themselves. My advice to anyone who feels those deep stirrings is to give yourself plenty of time away from your computer or note paper to work out your scenario in advance. If you hit on a brilliant sentence and feel you have to write it down, do it – but don’t let these gems dictate the writing of your story. If they fit, great. If you struggle to work the rest of the paragraph or book around them, then stick them at the back. Sometimes our stunning insights are just that – a marvel, but not enough to hang a storyline on.

For all of you out there who have a strong, almost demanding urge to finally start that novel or memoir, take that desire for a walk and see what comes of it!

Happy reading, writing and walking!

Until next time,