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Cynthia Hamilton

The E-Reader’s Best Friend

As I’ve battled my way through the challenges of being an independent writer, I’ve had some wonderful experiences that have made the effort so worthwhile. Connecting with readers is at the top of the list; nothing I’ve come across is quite as rewarding as hearing from strangers who have enjoyed my books. I can’t say what compels me to write and brave the vast, overwhelming world of publishing, but I can definitely say it’s the reading public who motivates me to keep slogging along.

Another heartening upside to what I do is being featured on sites that sift through the multitude of daily free book offerings, wading through the stacks to find the best picks for their readers. As making books available for free is a great way to establish a reader base, getting the nod from these various sites is a real boost. And being a ravenous reader as well as a writer, these sites have become the handiest tool when looking for new reading material. I’m so glad I no longer have to spend precious time trying to find something I might enjoy reading. And getting good material for free—what could be better than that??

In preparation of writing this post, I went online to do another type of sifting: finding the most reliable sites that feature free eBooks. The verdict: searching for sites that make it easier to find new reads is as daunting as trying to find a book without the aid of these sites. In other words, it can be a Catch-22.

After spending over an hour running down the best bets, I’ve got a small but trustworthy list of sites that don’t make me feel like I need a machete to clear a path through the offerings.

So, my three favorite sites? Free eBooks Daily: Digital Book Today:; One Hundred Free…. Both Free eBooks Daily and Digital Book Today have a lot to offer readers besides free book listings. Both have extensive archived interviews from hundreds of writers. All feature the ability to check offerings by genre, which is also handy.

My guess is many of you are far more evolved than I when it comes to navigating the free eBook forums. I invite you to share your favorite haunts with me and others, let us in on what we might be missing. After all, you can never have too many good books to read!

Until next time,