Finding Ruth

A writer turns detective to learn what her mother’s life had been like before she came along, before Alzheimer’s stole her past. Yearning to know who her mom was as a person in her own right, the author reconstructs Ruth’s life from photos, letters, public records, family recollections. Based on a true story of heartache, forgiveness & healing.

A High Price To Pay

Madeline’s dual professions as event coordinator and P.I. cross paths when a body turns up at a 3-day party for the spoiled wife of a famous director. Adding to Madeline’s overflowing plate, she learns one of the men who abducted her 3 years earlier has been released from prison. When his body is found in Lake Cachuma, she fears she’ll be next.

Spouse Trap

Madeline Ridley’s perfect world collapses in a swirl of blackmail, sabotage and deceit after she awakens in a strange hotel room—alone, unclothed, with a splitting headache and no idea how she got there. A sheaf of lurid photos received by her husband puts Madeline on the defensive. When she unwittingly stumbles onto a payoff, she discovers who her enemy really is.

Spouse Trap is the prequel to the Madeline Dawkins Mystery Series