Other Books

Once Upon a Lyme...

Once Upon a Lyme… A Tale of Two Journeys tells the story of a mysterious illness that stumped a parade of doctors, and the new-found discipline of writing that became the unexpected by-product of years of misdiagnoses. After seeing over two dozen physicians, writing five novels and self-publishing one, Once Upon a Lyme was a personal story that the author felt had to be shared. The book chronicles Hamilton’s search for an answer to a far-flung roster of symptoms and the creative outlet she turned to in case she became bedridden.

Golden State

Golden State is a fun romp filled with imperious bosses, screwy coworkers, steadfast friends, assorted male admirers, and a family full of over-educated, underachieving kooks. Roxanne deals with them all in her indomitable fashion, never giving up or compromising who she is or who she wants to become.

Alligators in the Trees

What’s the common denominator between a down-and-out architect, a ’90’s rock legend, and a hash-slinging waitress? Frank’s coffee shop on Manhattan’s Lower Eastside, where the food’s only marginally edible, the location less than desirable, and Frank’s temperament so volatile, a ‘help wanted’ signs remains permanently on display.

Lucky at Love

Some guys just never give up…as journalist Allison Tyler-Wilcox discovers when she meets seven-time divorced, mule-breeding Jake Sorenson. What’s really behind her trip to Jake’s rural Oregon ranch, and will her views on life, love and marriage ever be the same?

Finding Ruth

A writer turns detective to learn what her mother’s life had been like before she came along, before Alzheimer’s stole her past. Yearning to know who her mom was as a person in her own right, the author reconstructs Ruth’s life from photos, letters, public records, family recollections. Based on a true story of heartache, forgiveness & healing.