Lucky at Love

Many controversial topics have captured the interest of Allison Tyler-Wilcox in her thirteen years as a journalist, but writing about the often-divorced never crossed her mind. That changes when she encounters Jake Sorenson, a man who has been unsuccessfully married seven times and has not closed the door on tying the knot again.

Despite his matrimonial failures, Jake considers himself uncommonly lucky at love. Smug in her own sense of marital security and superiority, Allison can’t get Jake and his seemingly ridiculous optimism out of her head.

Convincing her skeptical editor that she’s on to a compelling story, Allison begins her quest for understanding the resiliency of the human heart at the Buckin’ J Ranch, with Jake Sorenson as her primary source of research material. What she doesn’t realize until she comes face to face with the highly charismatic man once again is how outmatched she is by Jake, an individual who has learned far more about love and life than she realized.

“Lucky at Love – Brilliant at Writing”
“Engaging and intelligently written”
“A perfect pick-me up”
Lucky at Love Front Cover


“I loved this book! It is so well written it is pleasure to read. As the story unfolds between Allison and Jake I was swept along on their journey, delighted by the colorful cast of characters as well as the many vivid landscapes Allison finds herself in. Ms. Hamilton has created real life and thought provoking situations that give this story a warmth and depth that made me fall in love with and really care about Jake and especially Allison. This book is intelligent, funny and highly entertaining. I absolutely recommend Lucky at Love!” ★★★★★

“This was a very enjoyable book. Contrary to the title, I thought this book was more about self-discovery, though I did enjoy the romantic story. I really enjoyed the writing style and the characters were well developed. I would recommend this book to anyone!” ★★★★★

“This book got me hooked right away. It starts out with Allison, the journalist for a magazine, pitching her new story idea about a man who has been married & divorced 7 times. Jake who Allison met at his sister’s wedding doesn’t believe he is a failure at marriage. Instead, he feels lucky to have loved so many different women. Jake definitely has an interesting take on marriage and love. I also appreciated that Allison started to really think about her marriage. Books that make you think about your own life are the kind I love the most.” ★★★★★