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Cynthia Hamilton

Day One

This is my very first blog post. It’s a new world for me, one that gives me a certain amount of trepidation. I’m used to writing in a vacuum, holed up in my office, writing without a response until whatever book I’ve been slaving away at finally publishes. Now, will I have a response to my call? Will this post become a two-way conversation? I’m getting excited to find out!

Reading and writing; for me, those pursuits are constantly in tandem, like a swimmer’s strokes. Any “discretionary time” at my disposal is usually spent on one or the other. My status right now on both fronts is in flux: I just finished reading “Half Broke Horses” by Jeannette Walls last night, and I’m in the incubating process on the third book in the Madeline Dawkins series.

On one hand, I’m casting about for my next read – though I do have a few tantalizing novels on my queue. On the other hand, rehearsals for the opening scene of Book 3 are underway, along with brainstorming on all the various plotlines. At the same time, I’ve been reviewing the private detective course I took before starting “Spouse Trap,” the first book in the series. It never hurts to refresh.

Okay, I’ve dipped my toe into the water and it feels good…not very scary at all. I will try this again soon. And if there’s anyone out there, don’t be shy! It would give me a thrill to get a response to my first call.

Until next time…