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Reading and Writing: Book Club

Last Wednesday marked a milestone for me. I attended my first book club meeting – as a reader. I have been to several meetings as the author, which I enjoyed very much. So much so, I would come away from each wishing I could be part of the group, not just a visitor.

Over the years, this longing was revived, though circumstances made joining a book club impractical. Nevertheless, I kept my feelers out there by connecting with Meetup in hopes something in my area would pop up at the right time in my life. In December of last year, it finally happened: a new book club called Bookworms by the Beach, right in my own little corner of California, was looking for members. What luck for me!

Because I was in the final stages of getting “A High Price to Pay” ready for publication, I wasn’t able to attend the first four meetings. Luckily, I was freed up in time to read and join the discussion on Jeannette Wall’s “Half Broke Horses,” which I thoroughly enjoyed. The story about the author’s grandmother got me hooked on the first page, a remarkable feat, one that every writer aspires to.

It was very interesting to take part in the discussion about this book. Everyone had their own observations to share, which I found very intriguing. As a writer, it gave me a glimpse into how subjective and personal the reading experience is. I also now understand what so many of you have known for years, that being able to share a book expands and enriches the experience of reading.

If I hadn’t been part of this book club, I may never have read anything by this very talented author. Having my horizons broadened is reason enough to keep me involved in this type of community. Now I look forward to learning about new authors and reading more by Ms. Walls. So glad I was finally able to discover what I have been missing out on all these years!

Happy reading!

Until next time,