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Summertime Blues: There is a Cure!

Here I sit, or lay, or I guess it’s a combination of the two, with my computer tilted at a funny angle, trying to be a good patient while healing from foot surgery. The fact that I’m able to use my computer at all right now is a definite plus, though I don’t know how long it will last. But reclined here on the sofa, I’m reminded of the familiar sight of crutch-wielders who’ve had too much outdoor fun and found themselves in a cast and out of the action for the better part of the summer. Bummer.

Though my surgery was elective—if I wanted to continue to have a normal life—I too will be missing out on my favorite activities, like karate and walking on the beach for a few weeks. The irony for me is that in all the years that I’ve been battling Lyme disease, I never spent an entire day in bed, except for when I came down with pneumonia, but that only stopped me for three days. And though I was convinced yesterday I would be unable to use my computer while keeping my foot elevated above my heart, will makes for a way.

When the doctor broke the news to me last week that I’d be in bed for at least ten days, I was in shock. “Ten days?” I thought incredulously. Not possible. But as I threw myself into double overdrive to secure both forts (ours and my mother’s), it hit me that maybe having to rest and do nothing for days on end might actually help my bigger health picture. Hey, what a concept!

So now I’m looking at this mandatory timeout as a blessing, not a curse. Now that I’ve managed to write this post, I realize I will be able to work on my latest book—a little bit here and there—and I will read all the books I’ve been collecting on my Kindle for the Big Wait. And who knows? Maybe while I rest and read to my heart’s content, maybe I will actually beat the Lyme monster back into its hole. It’s a possibility…

And speaking of writing and Lyme disease, the book some bossy part of my brain insisted I write about how having a misdiagnosed illness for nine years led me to become a writer is available for FREE downloading today and tomorrow, June 12th and 13th. Just follow the link below. Good things can come in mysterious ways……

Happy reading!

Until next time…