Houses of Deception

While sneaking away from a 5th anniversary party Madeline’s Current Affairs orchestrated for Tara and Troy Richardson, Madeline receives an appeal from Russell Barnett. The shifty P.I. needs their help tracking down Dylan Latham, the son of the P.I. Madeline hired during the implosion of her first marriage. Russell knows Madeline can’t turn him down because of her misplaced guilt over Burt Latham’s demise while trying to save her from a monster.

A frantic call from Troy Richardson at quarter to six the following morning wakes Madeline out of a troubled sleep. Tara is nowhere to be found. This second missing person case quickly turns into a kidnapping for ransom, something the MDPI team doesn’t feel comfortable handling alone. But when they learn all local law enforcement is involved in a multi-agency operation, they have no choice but to stick with it.

"Well Done!"
"I LOVE this series soooo much!!!"
"...a cleverly crafted and thrilling mystery..."
Houses of Deception Front Cover


“Houses of Deception is the sixth book in The Madeline Dawkins series by Cynthia Hamilton. I know I say this with every new release, but I LOVE this series soooo much!!! I am so happy I discovered Cynthia Hamilton, and Madeline Dawkins-they are definitely at the top of my ‘must read’ list. The story is very cleverly woven with lots of intriguing developments that pulled me further and further into the story. There is plenty of mystery, suspense, danger, action, adventure, surprising developments, drama, tension, and other clever touches. I devoured it all in one sitting.”

“Cynthia Hamilton has kept this series on track, a fast track that is. As usual she catches yourinterest on page one and believe me when I say, you are caught up in this story. I love herleadcharacters! Madeline and Mike keep this roller coaster series going. Many avenues will betraveled, but only the right one will bring this story to an end. Houses of Deception is part of amust read series! Well Done Cynthia Hamilton! Well Done!”

“This is a fantastic addition to the series which seem to get better and better with each newinstalment. This could be read as a standalone, but I do not recommend doing that as you would be missing out on 5 other superb books that contain so much detail, past ‘adventures’, and character development. Trust me, it is worth starting this series at the beginning!”