Patience of Karma

The MDPI team is tasked with unraveling three cases, all of them with dire consequences if Madeline, Mike and Samir can’t resolve the mysteries.

A Florida man desperate to save his niece’s life seeks MDPI’s help in locating a nephew he hasn’t seen in five years-a drifter who was presumed dead after a tragic boating accident took the lives of his two friends. A photo Web Burnhart found online proves Daniel is alive and well, and was in Santa Barbara after his friends succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning off the coast of San Diego. As Web’s niece slips closer to death each day, Daniel has become her last hope for receiving a compatible kidney.

Award-winning composer Evan Picard is referred to MDPI when he suspects his much-younger wife may be seeking attention elsewhere whenever work takes him down to Los Angeles. Madeline is able to put his suspicions to rest after she witnesses a “communication” between Bella and her deceased sister, only to have the case take off in a completely different and disturbing direction.

Daphne Pillsbury tracks down Mike, hoping he will be the key to solving a mystery that could give her the peace of mind she needs, while quite possibly blowing his blissful marriage to smithereens.

“So real and mesmerizing”
“This series just keeps getting better!”
“Glued to the book all the way through”


“The Patience of Karma (The Madeline Dawkins Series Book 5) by Cynthia Hamilton is a crime/thriller. The mystery, thrills and suspense kept me glued to the book all the way through. As always with these wonderful characters Cynthia puts them through their paces and us right along with them. I have loved this series since the first book I picked up and have not been disappointed, not once.”

“The Patience of Karma was my first Cynthia Hamilton book not to mention my first of the Madeline Dawkins Series stories. This story follows two investigations by the MDPI agency that are not only action filled but are very realistic because nothing comes easy to any of the investigators. The process of each investigation is fully explored and how each of the decisions begins to affect each of the investigators and the blind alleys they encounter as thy seek to solve the cases.”

“Madeline Dawkins and Mike Delaney are at it again! They each have a case to solve for their PI business, and even one that hits close to home for Mike. As always, the characters and the story brings you right into it. Madeline and Mike grow stronger together and have each other’s backs, plus the way they solve the crimes sure get you interested in the cases and their life. This is the5th book in the series-I’ve read them all and I can say they get better in each installment because of the back story. Don’t get me wrong, they can definitely be read as a standalone book. Just don’t be surprised if you pick up the earlier books once you’ve finished this one.”